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Event Planning Trends

The constantly shifting expectations of our industry means that future-thinking is an integral part of any successful event. This mindset provides the best defence against being caught off-guard by the unexpected, but still – we must never discount the importance of creativity when establishing an event, but the capability to build from a past platform and incorporate future insight is where true inspiration and value can be found.

Utilising the appropriate and sufficient data available to you will enable the execution of more substantial and memorable events that truly represent the pinnacle of execution when it comes to event design and marketing. This means being aware of what is trending, but having the creative foresight to throw your flair at it. With that in mind, here are some of the top trends that are emerging in event incorporation:


The incorporation of technology is not a new phenomenon in today’s world of events, but the ways in which attendees expect to engaged and have their experience shaped by it is very much the emerging shift in trend.

Event attendees are increasingly looking to technology as a means of enhancing their their overall experience at an event rather than just being used as a simple gimmick to attract attention. Enhancing their experience can come in many forms, none more important than streamlining the efficiency and convenience of typically tedious and mundane processes. For example, the use of facial recognition software can eliminate those pesky waiting times in lines and allow attendees to gauge more important time within the event. Another upcoming technological method is the use of chatbot programming to ensure smooth and accelerated delivery of crucial information to attendees and prospective guests through following up on leads and customer service.


The focus on creating a memorable experience for any event comes from more than simple decoration, lighting, food and other aspects. The most important factor is arguably the location of the event itself and this is reflected in the increasing trend of diversifying venue offerings away from standard corporate function spaces. Instead, moving into more unconventional venues that pique the natural curiosity and excitement of individuals and work to drive a more engaging experience is becoming the new norm. Whether it be pop-ups in the city or a lunch in the park, the aura of transforming an unexpected space is the type of unique flavour that will give your events that added edge.

Digital Synergy:

Social Media and the power of digital are a staple of events in today’s world and there is no better way to drive your event then to develop a truly synergised digital campaign across social media. When planning your event, focus not just on how you will market it beforehand, but also with how you can organically in real-time have your event be the buzz of Instagram. This can be done by directing your venue space with the thought of creating center piece moments that generate natural responses from attendees who can’t but help take those Snapchats and Instagram stories. Support this with the directional use of specific event hashtags that have been shared with guests beforehand to truly generate a social buzz.

Here at ICE Events, we for sure appreciate the emergence and adaptation of new trends across our industry. However, we always prefer to be the trend-setters and approach ways of bringing your event and brand to life with newly innovative creative direction!

Our team would love to bring your next idea to life so get in touch with us.

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